At Windy Ridge we’re enjoying ourselves and living life to the fullest! Throughout our relationship, we have followed our passions, wherever they would lead us. . A long-time physical therapist and athletic trainer, Lynn works as the Director of Therapy Services for St. Luke's Elks Rehab Clinic in Ontario, Oregon.  In addition, he continues to feed his obsession and love of sports by helping kids and families within the Homedale community. He volunteers his time as an athletic trainer for the high school, and offers physical therapy services to members in the community. Diane continues teaching music to elementary school children in the quaint little town of Star, Idaho, and working for the University of Idaho Canyon County Extension Office as the Program Coordinator for Living on the Land.  Lynn and Di enjoy full and supportive relationships with all four of their grown children, and two young grandchildren.  Looking towards retirement and following her passionate love of nature, Di decided to broaden her care of "little ones" to the breeding and raising of alpacas and great pyrenees dogs.   
            Now, after four years of development, the foundation herd of two alpacas has grown to seven, with the expectation of two more in the summer of 2010.   With a plan in place, Lynn and Di work toward developing a herd of alpacas by carefully breeding with the express purpose of producing an exquisite fiber.  Fiber development well on its way, Lynn & Di have a marketing plan to provide an exquisite alpaca yarn product to handcrafters.  Be sure to look for us at shows across the Northwest.  Stop by to sample, see, and feel the exquisite fiber our beautiful animals have so freely given us.

We have chosen a lifestyle that includes various elements of doing and being. We raise alpacas

  • Live rurally
  • Be around, care for and enjoy lovely animals
  • Have contact with people who are like us 
  • Participate in friendly, stiff competition
  • Be in an engaging business                                                                            
  • Speculate and take risks in breeding decisions
  • Problem solve
  • Invest wisely and soundly
  • Be intellectually and inquisitively engaged
  • Build a retirement income 
  • Work with exquisite fiber 

    Windy Ridge's goal as a breeding ranch is to breed and sell the highest quality animal for a price that supports the overall value of alpacas in the marketplace to breeders who are looking for exquisite fiber and conformation in their alpacas.


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