Getting to Know Alpacas

The best way to learn about the joy of owning alpacas is to visit the farms of people who are already in the business. Alpaca breeders are friendly folks and they enjoy sharing their alpacas with the public. You will find that each breeder has his or her own individual style and method of operation. You can learn a little from each breeder and decide how you personally would like to participate in the alpaca industry and at what level.

We recommend that you join our Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, or AOBA as it is generally known. Farm memberships which include voting privileges, and affiliate memberships (without voting privileges) are available. Each member receives a subscription to Alpacas Magazine, a membership directory, access to the AOBA library, and many other breeder support services. AOBA's library contains perhaps the most information about alpacas in North America. Members can borrow books, magazines, videos, and articles for only the cost of return postage. These are great resources!

Each year, AOBA holds a national convention, which includes halter and performance class shows. There are many educational opportunities provided at these events, and best of all, you'll make new friends who share your enthusiasm for alpacas.
Alpaca halter and performance class shows are held across the country. Breeder enthusiasm for the shows creates additional show venues each year. There will be a show near you sometime this year - plan to attend - they are captivating, educationyou as you begin your prosperous and exciting alpaca adventure! al, and very fun! 
Alpacas Magazine is an award-winning publication that is educational in scope and provides its readers with insights into the alpaca industry, alpaca husbandry, financial aspects of alpaca ownership, and fiber production and end products. Many breeders advertise alpacas for sale in its pages.

Finally, AOBA has produced many marketing tools to help its member’s market alpacas. These include an alpaca video, TV and newspaper ads, brochures and a press kit. We encourage you to take the time to log on to for information that will help






Getting to Know About Alpacas

Walk softly upon the earth, being careful not to disturb the natural course of Mother Nature . . .

We hope that you will come and visit.  While you are here, you can soak up the calm, peaceful atmosphere.

We began with this modular 2-stall barn with a 12x12 breezeway.  This edifice is enclosed within the corraled area where the boys can be separated from the girls.

This view is of the "breezeway".  We brought water into the barn area for easier access.  That has really been a huge benefit!

Since we first built the barn/shelter, we have added on to it with an additional 2 stalls, and extended the breezeway.  This has allowed us to utilize one of the stalls for hay storage.  Very convenient . . . keeps it out of the elements!

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